Hiring Sarah




Services available:
• general consulting on writing and publishing
• concept development
• copyediting
• proofreading
• line editing
• critiquing
• ghostwriting & collaboration
• writers' conferences (presentations, panels, first-page critiques, and one-on-one critiques)
• marketing-campaign development and copywriting
• technical editing, especially medical

My most commonly purchased packages:

    For longer works:
  • Read and critique: a full editorial letter (generally 4–8 pages in length) with my comments, questions, and suggestions regarding themes, plot, marketability, etc., along with some notes marked directly within the manuscript.
  • Copyediting: edits within the manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, consistency, readability, etc., along with an explanatory letter (generally 2–4 pages in length) serving as an overview of my edits.
  • Line editing and critique: all of the above, plus copyediting and detailed developmental edits (line by line) marked within the body of the manuscript.*
    For picture books:
  • First-round picture-book critique: A full editorial letter (generally 1–2 pages in length) with my comments, questions, and suggestions regarding themes, plot, marketability, intended audience and readability, etc., plus copyediting and detailed developmental edits marked within the body of the manuscript.
  • Second-round picture-book review: An assessment of your manuscript after you've revised using my suggestions from the first-round critique.
*Please note that as I edit, I try to make sure to keep the author's writing style and voice intact (I do not re-write, unless I was specifically hired to do so), and so the editorial letter serves as a guide for an author to make his/her newest revision. My work is not the Final Draft, because it is the author's book, and it is up to him/her accept or reject the suggestions I make, keeping the story his/her own.

If you're interested in hiring me, please send an email to with:
  • a description of your project (genre, page count, and brief summary),
  • the first 30 pages (or the whole manuscript if it's a picture book),
  • what service you are looking for, as well as your writing experience,
  • and finally, please tell me what your goal is for your manuscript. Is it primarily to get published by a mainstream publisher, and so if I think there is little to no chance of this (even after revisions), do you want me to tell you? Or are you happy revising it to make it the best it can be, because you would be content having a great book for yourself, your friends, and/or self-publishing?
I will write back with a rate quote within 24 hours. You and I will decide together on a mutually agreeable deadline. (Note that it is possible to request a particular consultant, but doing so means that the turnaround time may be longer, depending on consultant availability.) I ask for the first half of my fee to my PayPal account when you send the manuscript, and the second half within 24 hours of your receiving the work back from me.

You are free to contact me with questions before or after you decide to hire me for a job, as well as once I've returned the work to you.

I look forward to working with you!

~ Sarah

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