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Current/former clients: do you have a testimonial to add about your experience working with me? I'd love to hear from you. Please email me. Thanks!

"I found Sarah referenced by the SCBWI, and, not being familiar contracting with a critiquing service, I didn't know what to expect. Sarah responded to my query for a critique of my manuscript very quickly, and with a price my tight budget could handle. Her review of my manuscript was comprehensive and offered extensive suggestions to make my work more marketable. In addition to her detailed report, she pointed out areas in the manuscript itself that needed further editing. I strongly recommend Sarah to any author, and I have her e-mail address saved for my next endeavor."

- Craig Andrews, author of Becky Borden and The Golden Jewel Box Mystery
"Sarah not only offered suggestions for ways to improve my picture book manuscript, she directed me as to how to make the needed changes and explained why the changes were warranted—valuable insight I could then easily apply to other manuscripts. When she gave me a date to expect revision suggestions, they arrived on that date, if not before. From the first time I contacted Sarah, until my final critique was returned, she was prompt and thorough in answering any questions I had. I look forward to consulting with Sarah on future writing projects!"

- Amy Cobb, author of Yikes! The Zoo's on Strike!
"Sarah Cloots is my soul-editor. Her critiques are filled with great knowledge, compassion, and a deep understanding of my personal writing process. I have worked with her for over two years, only now realizing that Sarah was meant to come into my life all along. Without holding my hand, she guides me into the light. Plots become clearer. Voices stronger. Her comments challenge and push me in the direction I need to go in. I learn. I grow as a writer. Because of this special editor, I am facing my writing fears.

Always reach higher than you can see. The world of writing above is a wonderful, magical place. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me through the clouds."

- Betsy Devany, author (
"Sarah Cloots provided me with the type of on-target, insightful notes I needed during my first-ever official revision process. She's kind, patient and very talented . . . and I'm confident she'll be a huge help to many up-and-coming authors who are serious about taking that next step in their writing."

- Jody Feldman, author of The Gollywhopper Games and The Seventh Level (Coming Summer 2010)
"Sarah Cloots is an attentive, writer-oriented editor with an incredible eye for detail and all aspects of story. Her years of experience in publishing—where she worked with the best in the children's and YA field—make her an excellent resource for authors."

- David Macinnis Gill, author of Soul Enchilada
"Sarah is a joy to work with. She is very conscious of my working style as an author/illustrator, and is flexible with whether I want to work with the manuscript first, or illustrations first. She is very insightful and guides you with her questions to strengthen your story, which otherwise you may not have considered. Sarah is prompt in returning my e-mails or with suggestions. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone . . . and the fact that she is a mutual cupcake lover, well that's the icing on the cupcake!"

- Julie Gissler, author-illustrator
"Sarah was a delight to work with—a smart, cheerful editor who offered insightful comments and always seemed to have time to answer questions or help out. Anyone who works with her is lucky indeed."

- Suzanne Harper, author of The Juliet Club and The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney
"Sarah is the greatest asset a writer can have; she is a talented and savvy editor who wants to facilitate the book you envision! From the smallest detail to the big picture, Sarah sees it all and makes sure you see it, too.

Thank you, Sarah, for your honesty and encouragement! I am taking all your suggestions for the development of Tasha and I know they will send me in an exciting direction!!"

- Suzanne Holland, author of Hey! Notice the New Kid!; Hey Diddle Diddle, Who Took My Fiddle?; and The Ants are Skip Counting (currently submitting)
"Sarah is a pleasure to work with! She's prompt, professional and very cool. She really knows the publishing industry and the market. My favorite thing about Sarah is how she'll call me out on things in my manuscripts—little things I thought I could away with, hoping readers wouldn't notice or question. But Sarah definitely notices everything. She works extraordinarily hard to catch inconsistencies in the narrative as well as dialogue/descriptions that don't really fit a character's voice, etc. Also, if she doesn't understand something, she'll point it out, which is especially helpful as I do revisions to ensure everyone will get what I'm trying to say. And in terms of getting what I'm trying to say—she always gets it, and doesn't try to change the underlying story (which I think a lot of people do, which is uncool because it can cause writers to stray far from their original concepts). Instead, she recognizes the core of the story and helps to build around it.

Her advice on my query letters has helped me to obtain several requests from literary agents. I'd recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a thorough and honest critique of a manuscript. I can't wait to finish other projects so I can get her opinion!"

-Miranda Kenneally, author
"I've always liked this description of a great editor: Someone who will do to your writing what you would be able to do a year later. Sarah did that, and more, for my books when I worked with her at HarperCollins. She was thorough, thoughtful and strengthened my writing in a way I like to think I'd have been able to do a year later. It was a pleasure to work with her."

- Wendy Lichtman, author of Do The Math: Secrets, Lies and Algebra; The Writing on The Wall (
"Sarah is a thoughtful and insightful editor who took my manuscript to the next level. She suggested ways to sharpen and strengthen the storyline and characters, and also polished up the grammar. Sarah's experience in the children's book industry is extremely valuable. She told me what agents and editors are looking for in today's competitive market. Most of all, I felt that she respected me as a writer and wanted to support my vision of the story."

- Ann Malaspina, author
"Thoughtful questions, useful suggestions . . . Sarah's edit and critique energized my revision process, and my story ripened!"

- Rhonda McCormack, writer/illustrator, currently submitting Wildflowers
"Sarah offers warm, encouraging direction in all stages of a manuscript. I sent her a very early, unfinished draft and she sent it back with spot-on comments throughout, as well as sharp, insightful questions that were gently worded and non-intrusive. Without impinging on my vision for my project, she offered guidance that allowed me to come up with my own possibilities for where I could take my story."

- Neesha Meminger, author of Shine, Coconut Moon
"Not only was it a pleasure to work with Sarah, her level of professionalism exceeded all my expectations."

- Marit Menzin, author-illustrator (
"From the first moment she introduced herself via e-mail, Sarah and I clicked. Her editorial letters were clear, well-organized, and very respectful of me as a writer. Her recommendations and suggestions truly improved Forget-Her-Nots and also helped me to grow as a writer. I was especially impressed by her ability to attend to small details without losing the big picture. I am forever grateful to Sarah for her enthusiasm, insights, and dedication!"

-Amy Brecount White, author of Forget-Her-Nots (Greenwillow/HarperCollins, 2010)
"Complete with a keen eye for detail and a tack-sharp mind, Sarah Cloots's editorial skill and developmental notes brought my story to new heights. With her comments by my side, I have been able to deepen my characters' relationships and enrich my plot. She brings tenacity, eye-opening ideas, and editorial insights a critique group does not know. Sarah's efforts are well worth every penny you spend.

Did I mention she called me a 'strong writer'? Oh, yeah, that'll keep me going for a while."

- Brian Williams, author of The Peach Thief
"Working with Sarah on A Balloon for Isabel was a tremendous pleasure. She helped me trim my bloated manuscript to a manageable length, and her creative suggestions sharpened the book's humor. After working with her, I simply understood how to write better picture books. What writer could ask for more?"

- Deborah Underwood, author

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