a b o u t m u s i c c a l e n d a r

  Vigil  (Download)
Lyrics/music: Jason Roof
Vigil discusses the struggles of escaping from a mentally abusive relationship. The protagonist contemplates various ways of ending the relationship, ultimately realizing that it will only end in tragedy. Despite its somber message, the song is among our faster and heavier ones and opens both the album and the live show.

Stuck  (Download)
Lyrics/music: Behrang Amini
Stuck juxtaposes the quiet hopelessness of rejection with the angry desperation of unrequited love, expressed musically by the clean verse and the heavily distorted vocals of the chorus. Listen for the tapping intro, stereo panning just before the chorus, and the soulful and skillful solo by Danny Vargas.

Eyes  (Download)
Lyrics/music: Behrang Amini
A cheesy love song. To compensate, it's short, fast, and bouncy. Listen for the bag-pipey E-bow throughout the song

Found  (Download)
Lyrics/music: Jason Roof
Found is the story of failing to get someone to face the world as you see it. It is unclear who is right in this song as both struggle to come to terms with one another. Listen for the 4 part harmony by three Jasons and one Sarah in the bridge.

Don't Touch the Ground  (Download)
Lyrics/music: Behrang Amini
This one takes its title from a line in a Douglas Adams book. Don't Touch the Ground is about discovering someone anew. The first verse is stolen fron an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation (The Dauphin). Listen for Roger Waters-inspired screams.

Gallant Rider   (Download)
Lyrics/music: Danny Vargas
Written by Danny in high school, Gallant Rider is about having loved and having lost in the sort of naive and idealized conception of love he held at the time. It is influenced by the poem The Search for El Dorado by Edgar Allen Poe in its reference to the Shadow, and also references psalm 23 (a product of having gone to a Catholic high school).

Stand Up  (Download)
Lyrics/music: Behrang Amini
A bouncy cheer-up song with a simple guitar lick for a chorus.

Pourquoi Pas  (Download)
Lyrics: Sarah Cloots, music: Sarah Cloots, Behrang Amini, & Danny Vargas
Inspired by bossa nova rhythms, this song's lilting, haunting melody is complemented by the ethereal lyrics. Sung in French and English, it's the tale of a young woman jaded at her na´vetÚ in matters of love, finally accepting that only in her dreams can love truly be pure

Aimless  (Download)
Lyrics: Sarah Cloots & Behrang Amini, music: Behrang Amini
Aimless is reminiscent of folk and country songs in its storytelling. On the surface it seems to say "you can't help who you fall in love with." But delve deeper, and you see that the narrator is in denial of the inequality of her own relationship